The upcoming season of VH1s Basketball Wives is currently being filmed, but production was placed on hold when cast member Jackie Christie was brutally beaten during taping last month.

A top production associate told MTO News that Jackie was assaulted by a woman during filming, and that Jackie had to be taken to the hospital - with a possible consussion.

The drama popped off when Jackie made disparaging comments about co-star Malaysia Pargo during a skate party, in front of Malaysia's family.

The insider explained, "A lot of Malaysia's family was at the [skate] party. And Malaysia comes from a ghetto family, with a lot of gang members and such."

Malaysia grew up in Compton, California.

And when one of Malaysia's gang-affiliated female cousins heard Jackie chirping, she popped off on the Basketball wife. Our snitch added, "One of Malaysia's cousins heard Jackie talking and beat her up. It was bad, Jackie hit [the back of] her head on the ground."

Initially Jackie, who has been on the show since season 1, quit following the assault. At the time, Jackie claimed Basketball Wives' security was neglecting their duties. 

You'll recall that Jackie took to social media a month ago, and told her  followers that she was leaving the hit VH1 show. She stated:

I got into it at the skating rink [A lot of people] want me gone. Are you guys gonna continue to watch the show? If you do, have fun.

Luckily for Jackie she was not seriously injured - except for a couple of scratches and bruises.

The production team now has beefed up security to protect each of the "wives" from being assaulted. And Jackie has re-joined the cast for the remainder of the season.

As a precaution, Malaysia's family has been banned from all future tapings.