Jackboy Claims He Wasn't Involved In The NBA Youngboy Beef


Fans are accusing former Sniper Gang rapper Jackboy of being in the middle of the beef between Kodak Black and Youngboy NBA.

He says he really didn't have much to do with it.

"That wasn't nothing. I ain't even think of that," he told HNHH. "I was just riding for the gang, you know how you're supposed to do. Say you're my homeboy, and you're going through it with somebody. I don't know what the problem is about, and I'm not trying to see what the problem is about. I'm just ready to real-deal ride with you. That's why I want my homeboys, if they get in a situation, to make sure it's something real-deal important, because I real-deal be passionate about certain situations. But it ain't nothing. It's good," he said.


"I ain't gon' lie. When I feel like somebody's disrespecting me, I know how to make people mad. I will make somebody mad, then I'mma stand on it. You know you do the little petty stuff to get somebody [tight], and it's to really provoke you to come at me? It's like bait. But that wasn't about nothing. It was just me, riding for the gang."