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Comedian Jack Thriller has opened up about his now-infamous beef with rapper 2Chainz.

2 Chainz and Thriller got into a heated exchange during an episode of Drink Champs years back, and although things started off light-hearted, 2 Chainz quickly got offended by something Thriller said and kicked off. Thriller says looking back, he now sees that he needs to take responsibility for the feud.

"We got into it because he didn't like me, and I wanted to be his friend. And I had got in my feelings. That was on some hoe sh*t, and when he just didn't react to me the way I wanted him to react to me, I threw a fit," he said while visiting Hot 107.9," he explained.

"I said something that I shouldn't have said, and I took it way too far on some clout-chasing, treasure trolly type sh*t. It got outta hand, and I was really disrespectful to that guy. It was so uncalled for, so unwarranted, and I'm a big fan. So, even when I tried to be mad, I couldn't 'cause he kept on coming out with hit after hit after hit."

"I felt so stupid 'cause I love him," he continued. "But when I would see him and to see the hate in his eyes and the anger and the malice. He looked like he wanted to reach in and take my good eye and squeeze that b*tch, throw it on the ground, stomp that mother f*cker, and put it out like a cigarette."

Watch the heated call with 2 Chainz below at around the 1:24:56 mark.