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Jack Harlow Denies He Tried To Shoot His Shot w/ Saweetie

Jack Harlow has denied that he tried to shoot his shot with Saweetie on the BET Awards red carpet.

A clip of him introducing himself to the rapper went viral, but Jack says he was not hitting on her.

"You can't say hello these days, I guess," Jack told TSR, adding that he's a "nice person." He continued, "That's a friend… That's a friend vibe."

In the clip, Jack approaches Saweetie and introduces himself before shaking her hand.

"You don't like getting caught off guard," he asks her. She then responds by asking why he's "shaking." Jack then says "nobody's shaking," while taking both of her hands.

Saweetie was asked if Jack was "shooting his shot" when he went up to her. "I don't know, but y'all better not be messy with this sh*t," she told TSR.

The interview was posted online after and most of the internet believes that Saweetie and Jack Harlow would make a cute couple.