Ja Rule Speaks On 50 Cent Beef: 50 Was Playing Victim To The Feds!!

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Amid his high-profile beef with 50 Cent, Ja Rule career took a nosedive after the feds came after him for taxes owed.

In a recent interview, Ja tells his side of the story -- accusing 50 of pretending to be a victim to the federal authorities.

"They f*ck your world up," he told Uproxx. "They shut down everything for Murder Inc. People like to credit homeboy. N*gga please, stop it. We've seen a hundred billion rap beefs. No one man shuts down--stop it. What really hurt us was the feds. When the feds come, they take all your resources. They take your money. They take the people who give you money sever their ties. Def Jam severed all ties with us. We didn't have anything anymore, and then this n*gga's on full attack."


He then speaks directly of Fif's involvement:

He continued: "I don't care what anybody says. [50] was playing both sides of the fence. You playing victim to the feds and the police, telling us 'those guys that are with Supreme Mcgriff did this to me, got me shot.' And then, over here you playing the bully role. The tough guy role. For me, it was a very difficult moment. A hard thing for me to go through when everything was crumbling." 

He admits that 50 Cent won the beef because he got tied up in legal issues.