Ja Rule, one of the creators of the infamous Fyre Festival, has announced his intentions to do another festival.

Ja managed to escape a prison sentence as co-founder Billy McFarlane took the fall for the enormous mess which managed to finesse investors and ticket-buyers out of close to $30 million.

In a recent interview with 'The Breakfast Club,' Ja Rule claimed that people with money have been hitting his cell and asking him if he'd like to do another festival.

We're not sure who's brave enough to hand their coins over to the New York rapper. According to Bossip, the IRS issued a lien for $443,442 for back taxes from income Ja Rule earned in 2016 in early March as well as back taxes from 2005 through 2008. Ja owes the IRS a whopping $2,031, 753.

Watch the clip below. Ja's pal Irv Gotti doesn't seem to be buying his sales pitch at all!

Watch the full interview below.