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Ja Rule has released a track addressing the now-infamous Fyre Festival fiasco on new single, "F.Y.R.E." his soon to be released album.

Ja begins the track with "We on fire tonight."

According to Ja he was "led astray" and still maintains his innocence despite two damning documentaries released by Netflix and Hulu, which seem to (allegedly) show that Ja was very much front and center of the operation alongside Billy McFarland.

"For your real entertainment, I'm 'bout to tell you how that shit went down from the horses mouth/With no D.A. or plaintiffs, but in the people's court, baby, they'll hang you like they ancestors/ Hotter than the sun, but it wasn't that/Show of hands if you got your money back?/Just playing, I got sued for that/$100 mil to be exact/I know you lack empathy for the one that's me/But I too was bamboozled and led astray."

Check out the track below.