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Ja Rule is claiming that he never watched the documentaries, which took a behind the scenes look at the disastrous Fyre Festival.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rule spoke about the lessons that he learned from the bombed event - which allegedly fleeced investors of tens of millions of dollars. Both Hulu and Netflix created documentaries about the fiasco.

"I lived through the moment, I lived through all the craziness online, all the backlash of it all. I took it all like a champ like I was the only guy involved in the situation. But it's OK. It's cool because going forward, what I'm looking to do is to make the situation right and have an amazing festival."

He had previously revealed that he would be having another crack at putting together a festival. But will folks be willing to part with their coins after the epic failure which went viral across the globe?

"It's so crazy because I'm a person that doesn't regret anything. If it happened, it happened. I try to look at everything as the glass half full. There was a lot of bad that came with the Fyre Festival, obviously, but there were some good things there too. A lot of lessons were learned. I'm taking all that into consideration going into my next venture," he added.