Ja Rule: I Musically Influenced 50 Cent!!


Ja Rule still wants all the smoke from 50 Cent -- and as 50 is busying trying to avoid calls for him to battle Ja on Swizz Beats and Timbaland's Versuz -- Ja claimed that he musically influenced 50.

The Ebro In The Morning crew were talking about the possible battle, Ja tweeted a clip and captioned the post, "Haha cute lil battle but let's be honest I musically INFLUENCED 50... let's talk about!!! Lmao."

Whether you're into Ja Rule's music or not, that is a hard fact to discredit. As 50 was coming up, he constantly clowned Ja's melodic, singing raps but it was precisely that formula that helped cement 50 in the rap industry.

50 has responded Ja's latest comments. He has accused Ja Rule of attention-seeking, but we think he should agree to Versuz and put their hits to the test.

Y'all think they should battle or nah?