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Ja Rule Calls Out ESPN For Clowning Him On Social Media

Ja Rule took to social media to call out ESPN for posting a tweet on social media, mocking a prior performance of his, nearly a year and a half ago.

Ja Rule was scheduled to perform the half time show for the Milwaukee Bucks. Before the set, Ja Rule asked the crowd enthusiastically if they were "reaadddyyyy? The crowd seemingly not ready remained silent and Ja Rule followed with "I guess not."

ESPN decided to remind their followers on Twitter of Ja Rule's embarrassment that evening by posting a clip of performance opening along with words "Never forget this Ja Rule moment." 

ESPN apparently thought tweet was hilarious but Ja failed to see the funny side of it.

"I usually mind my business and ignore the white noise but I think it's very unprofessional of @espn to try and diminish or discredit who and what I am to this culture... whoever post for your social accounts @espn needs to be FIRED..." his first tweet reads.

He continued, "Be more professional @espn and tell your little social team to have some RESPECT we speaking on an ICONN... #ICONN."

Since the Fyre Festival, Ja has been the butt of many jokes and had taken most of them on the chin -- but ESPN's was a step too far for him.

Was ESPN out of line, or is Ja being too sensitive?