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Ja Rule asked concertgoers to chant "f*ck you Ja Rule" following two documentaries which premiered about the disastrous Fyre Festival.

At a show in New Jersey on Friday night, he asked the fans to chant at him as he held up his middle finger. Ja Rule has been facing heat after the docs aired on Netflix and Hulu respectively, with many wondering why he too, was not sitting behind bars.

“I want y’all to repeat after me. Get it out of your f*cking system cause we ain't gonna do this sh*t for the rest of the year! So get your motherf*ckking middle fingers up. Let me hear you say ‘F*ck you Ja Rule!"

The crowd obliged.

Unfortunately, we don't think this is the last he will be hearing about the Fyre scam.

Ja Rule claims that he was just an innocent bystander in the festival which scammed investors, ticket buyers and Bahamian locals out of millions of dollars.

He is now working on a new business endeavor called ICONN, which claims to "securely book talent."

The website has Cardi B, Migos, Snoop Dogg, Cassie, Iggy Azalea, Big Boi, Future and more are all listed as talent on the website.