J.R. Smith Speaks On Video Of Him Beating Up Protester: He Got His A*s Whooped!!

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Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith has spoken out after a video was leaked on Sunday, showing him beating up a man who allegedly damaged his truck during the protests in Los Angeles.

In the video, Smith can be seen kicking the man when he is on the ground. When the man gets on his feet, Smith then punches him before the man ran away. 

Smith says the man broke a window on his vehicle.

"I just want y'all to know right now before you all see this sh*t somewhere else. One of these little motherf*cking white boys didn't know where he was going and broke my f*cking window in my truck," he explained in a video.

"I chased him down and whooped his ass," Smith continued. "So, if the footage come out and y'all see it, I chased him down and whooped his ass. He broke my window. This ain't no hate crime. I ain't got no problem with anybody who doesn't have a problem with me. There's a problem with the motherf*cking system and that's it. That motherf*cker broke my window and I whooped his ass. He didn't know whose window he broke, and he got his ass whooped."