YBN Almighty Jay was recently robbed of his chain and attacked by a group of men - and J. Prince is now looking for them.

Prince hopped onto Instagram to put out a street call for any information pertaining to the whereabouts of his attacker, even naming one of them alleged attackers "Zae."

"Mob Ties Call To My Real Street N*ggas Around The World But Especially On The East Coast In The Bronx," Prince wrote in the caption. 

"There’s A Clown By The Name Of Zae And His Crew Who Want To Become Famous By Bragging About Robbing Rap Industry N*ggas. They Recently Bragged About Robbing The Artist YBN Almighty Jay Whom I’m Invested In. They’ve Robbed Him Of His Money And Jewelry Including A Rap-A-Lot Piece. So Therefore They Have Robbed A Piece Of Me."

It was J. Prince, CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records, who allegedly stepped in and squashed the beef between Drake and Pusha T. His reach in the streets is long. The men in this video seemed to have messed with the wrong one.

Check out the post below.