J Prince has spoken out in defense of Jay-Z, telling his followers that Jay is not a "sellout."

"Jay-Z is not a sellout. I've known this brother for years and being a sellout is something I've never witnessed in all the years I've known him," he wrote via Instagram.

"It's important for us as people to not automatically go in hate mode, before getting some overstanding beyond the understanding that you already have," he continued.

Jay has been under fire by some for choosing to partner up with the NFL after their treatment of former player Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick and those around him have also frowned upon the new deal.

"I've interacted with Kaepernick personally and respect the kneel that he took for the cause of injustice. Anybody disrespecting this brother lacks the overstanding of the beginning of a movement. "

He then ended the post by congratulating Jay. Several artists have rushed to his defense including rapper Freddie Gibbs and Cardi B.