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J.Lo Calls Herself A "BLACK Girl From The Bronx" In New Song (Twitter Reacts)

Jennifer López landed herself in the middle of a major controversy yesterday when she released a new song with Maluma - with some controversial lyrics MTO News has learned. The Diva from the Bronx and the Colombian collaborated on the song “Lonely."


J.Lo says in the song, “I’ll always be your black girl from the Bronx.”

And that one lyric - set off a Twitter firestorm. Many Black women are offended by the lyrics because not only does J.Lo not appear to be black , she never once in the past claimed to be such and don't want their race identification to be used as just "a cool line." 


It also caused many to think back to when she used a racist word in the remix of “I’m Real.”

Back in 2001, Jennifer was criticized for using the "n-word" in her remix to I'm Real with Ja Rule

In that song, Jennifer who is Latina said, “I tell them n ** gas to mind they business but they don't hear me though."

Twitter seems to have a lot to say to J.Lo:

Back in January of this year, Lopez was also accused of appropriating the term 'Back Girl Magic' by coining her own version called 'Bronx Girl Magic'. The actress and singer, 50, posted a couple of selfies on social media showing herself wearing a white t-shirt with the slogan 'Bronx Girl Magic' emblazoned on it, along with the hashtag.