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Paparazzi snapped pics of J Lo's fiance Alex Rodriguez, and he appeared to have a bruised face and a black eye. A Rod and Jennifer were seen as they touched down in Miami, Florida on Tuesday morning.

Jennifer and A Rod got engaged on Friday, and two days later Jose Canseco revealed that Alex has been cheating on Jennifer with his ex-wife.

The couple's engagement bliss was disrupted by Rodriguez’s fellow former New York Yankee, Canseco.

In a series of tweets, Canseco addressed Rodriguez, telling him to “stop being a piece of shit stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez,” claiming that he was with Jessica when she received a call from Rodriguez, and challenging Rodriguez to “a boxing match or an MMA match.” He also tweeted his phone number at J.Lo, in case she wants “to know the truth.”

Alex, a 43-year-old former baseball player, proposed to the pop star, 49, with an estimated $4.5 million engagement ring over the weekend. Alex wore casual clothes as he strolled through the terminal following the couple's romantic trip to The Bahamas.

Former baseball shortstop Alex and On The Floor singer Jennifer were back on home turf just hours after Jose Canseco's ex Jessica responded to the rumors that she'd been involved in an affair with Alex.

Jessica completely denied the cheating rumors, and claimed that her ex Jose made up the allegations.

But it might have been too late. People on social media are speculating that Jennifer may have punched Alex in the face over the rumors.

Look at his swollen eye. And remember, Jennifer Lopez knows how to BOX.