Rapper J Cole's hair is going viral today - but not in a good way. The popular rapper has been growing dread locs for many years, but it looks like he hasn't been maintaining them properly.

Most people with locs twist the hair - so that the locs are even in thickness, and looks neat.

J Cole is apparently no interested in neatness, or twisting. He's growing "freeform" locs - where he basically never combs his hair and lets it grow out naturally and let it "do what it does."

The rapper attended last night's New York Knicks game, where he met up with his longtime friend, R&B singer Trey Songz. Trey was there with his son Noah, it was his first Knicks game ever.

Here's the pic of J Cole's hair:

And here's a link to a close up:


Apparently J Cole's hair was so shocking that it frightened Trey Songz son Noah. Take a good look at the baby's face.