Married rapper J Cole is fighting with a popular Instagram blogger, over her claims that the rapper got instagram model, rapper, and Love & Hip Hop Miami reality star Chinese Kitty pregnant while married. The blogger claims that J Cole is secretly the father to one of Chinese Kitty's children.

J Cole got married to his longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt four years ago. He and Melissa live a very private and fulfilled life. But two weeks ago, their life was turned upside down.

He's been trending on Twitter for the last week or so, because a blog is reporting that he's the father to Chinese Kitty's baby.

A blogger named Tasha K posted a crazy and unverified story claiming that J Cole had been cheating on Melissa with Chinese Kitty and was the father of one of her sons. Both J Cole and Chinese Kitty denied the claims, but that didn't stop the blogger from posting more outrageous claims.

Yesterday, after being threatened by  J Cole's lawyers - she posted a podcast claiming to have "evidence" showing that J Cole is Chinese Kitty's baby's father.

Here's what she posted:

Chinese Kitty, real name Taylor Hing, is a social media model who currently appears on this season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami along with her mother, Chinese Nicky. 

Here are some pics of Chinese Kitty:

According to the VH1 blog, at the end of last year in December, Chinese Kitty also got into it with Nicki MInaj. Here's what they said:

Chinese Kitty decided to come clean about her short-lived friendship with Ms. Chun-Li.

In a recent radio interview (recorded on her Instagram live), Kitty (real name Taylor Hing) said Nicki was initially friends with her stepdad, but that they later developed a friendship via social media. After hanging out in person at her MAC launch in New York City, Kitty says things got weird very suddenly. “About two weeks after we hung out for the first time, she hits me up like, ’yo I need to speak to you about something. Call me in an hour.’ So I’m like, cool.” Once they got on the phone, Nicki began grilling Kitty about whether or not she’d slept with her ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill. She claims Nicki even went as far as claiming fellow rapper Trina had sex with Meek in order to get a confession out of her.

After denying the rumor multiple times, Kitty said Nicki never reached out to her again. “She ain’t never speak to me after that, but I still supported her. I still posted her…I figured in my head the only reason she DMed me was to find out if I had sex with Meek or not.”