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It’s Official . . .  Nicki Minaj FLOPPED . . . Album Doesn’t Go Number 1 First Week!!


Nicki Minaj's album is considered a flop officially. MTO News spoke with a person at Republic records last night who confirmed that Nicki's new album QUEEN will finish in second place, behind Travis Scottt's new album Astroworld.

The exec over at Republic was honest about her take. "This is a disaster. We did everything, and she still couldn't finish on top."

Nicki Minaj was—up until now—considered an A List artist and a top rapper. But now that she was unable to have a number one selling album, she's not. The insider explained, "Nicki's career is tarnished. She's in a tailspin."

The official numbers will be out later today, but Nicki's final numbers are expected to be around 160,000 units. That's more than the initial projections of 100,000 - but it's because she resorted to gimmicks half way through the week, like selling the album with merchandise, and stealing streams from Tekashi 6ix9ine's song "FeFe" and adding them to her album.

Scott, who took the #1 position on the chart from Minaj’s Young Money brother Drake, shocked fans and industry analysts alike when his latest project – ‘Astroworld’ – bowed at #1 with 537,000 units shifted (the second largest debut this year to date). Coming as his second chart-topper overall, the set was originally predicted to shift at least a third of those sales in week #2. While updated information suggests his second week sales will fall a bit shy of that projection, they’re still believed to be just enough to keep ‘Queen’ at bay.