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The retail price for each of Soulja's diamonds is under $1

Rapper Soulja Boy has been busted, for wearing fake jewelry. MTO News obtained a video confirming what we all suspected. The rapper's $800K jewelry collection - is really just a bunch of fake costume jewelry.

Earlier in the year, Soulja Boy released a video showing off his jewelry collection. In the video, Soulja Boy claimed to have $800k worth of jewelry.

Well now MTO News obtained evidence that Soulja Boy's jewelry is all fake. 

Multiple sources claim that Soulja Boy gets his jewelry from a company called King Ice. King Ice sells very good quality replica costume jewelry. And we have evidence that Soulja Boy has a relationship with the replica company.

Here's a video showing Soulja Boy shouting out King Ice:

And here is the King Ice website - showing that they sell high quality, inexpensive replica jewelry.


This isn't the first time Souljaboy has been caught wearing fake jewelry. Pretty much over the entire course of his career he's been either caught or accused of having fake items and then stunting and pretending they are real. 

Back in 2016 the rapper went on the defense and ranted against people who accused him of having fake jewels.