Itasha Brunson Tries To Murder Her Kids On Facebook Live! (Graphic Video)

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Itasha Brunson, a mother from Holly Springs, Mississippi, is believed to have attempted suicide with her children present while live streaming on Facebook, MTO News has learned. 


The mother of five, logged onto Facebook Live yesterday to share her frustrations about life after discovering that her boyfriend is married. She let her followers know she was planning to commit suicide by driving into traffic.

Here is the video of Itasha, along with her kids (trigger warning).


She said her mother would take good care of her children, but she wanted someone to "come with her." She decided to only take her two daughters. According to online reports, at least one of the daughters in the car is her ex-boyfriend's child.

Itasha did indeed have a car wreck, but luckily no one died. Currently Itasha and the children are all in the hospital. 


Itasha and one other child are believed to be fine. But the other daughter is allegedly in critical condition.

After her accident, Itasha posted on Facebook and said: “Don't nobody have the right to judge me. Yall not in my shoes. I love my babies and won't do anything to harm them and anybody who knows me knows that. At least I'm honest on my reasons so could everybody stop bashing me. It was an accident!”