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ISSA WRAP!!! Malika Haqq BROKE UP With Boyfriend OT Genasis . . . After He Gave Her . . . A $100K CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! (Ha Ha . . . GOT 'EM)

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    Original: learned that OT Genasis and Malika Haqq are NO MORE. Check their social media pages, you'll see that each has removed ALL pictures of the other from their page.

Malika caught him cheating - and DUMPED HIM. But Malika had to make sure that he PAID FOR HIS INDISCRETIONS.

And Malika is a TRUE Kardashian. According to our snitch, Malika FOUND OUT about OT Genasis CHEATING two weeks ago . . . but she decided to STAY with the rapper, until AFTER Christmas.

And it paid off. OT bought her a diamond PATEK watch. Look:

She broke up with him two days after Christmas . . . and she's KEEPING the watch. LOL.