Issa Rae, 33, and actor Kofi Siriboe, 23, are dating, MTO News has confirmed.

Issa, who is a prominent actor/director/writer and Kofi started seeing each other while working together on Issa's new projects. They have been friends for years, but recently their friendship turned to romance.

And the two are going public with their new relationship. Kofi and Issa showed up and yesterday at Soho House in West Hollywood.

Here's what a spy told us:

Issa went to the bathroom and some girls chatted up Kofi. He was really friendly and approachable. Issa comes back, he hands her a drink. She takes the drink and heads over to a couch.

Kofi finished his convo with one of the girls and then sits next to Issa.

We weren’t sure if they were romantical. At one point we saw him stand up and kind of lean over her. But then when we left, they were CLEARLY snuggled up and romantical in the couch together. 

And this isn't the first time the two were seen boo'd up together. According to the popular online message board, Lipstick Alley, Kofi and Issa Rae were seen last year booed up (kissing, holding hands, etc) at a Publix in ATL. 

Here's what they reported then:

They were spotted standing in the checkout line buying cheap wine and beer (gotta love em). Issa, 32, wore reading glasses, and Kofi, 23, had on a hoodie. A woman noticed Kofi from the hit show 'Queen Sugar' and asked to take a picture with him.

It made Issa laugh because the woman did not notice her. Kofi removed his hood and kindly took the picture with the woman. When he was done he put his hood back on and kept looking down. 

And the relationship seems to be working out for the 23 year old actor. Word is that he's been chosen to work on a number of Issa's new projects, and that 2019 will be a BIG year for the actor.

Issa Rae is best known for playing the lead role in her HBO series Insecure.

Kofi is best known for starring as Jada Pinkett's love interest in the movie Girls Trip. Kofi recently announced that he and longtime GF model Duckie Thot were breaking up.