Issa Rae Accused Of ATTACKING ACTOR . . . Who REFUSED Her Advances!!!

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HBOs Insecure star Issa Rae is being accused of physically attacking an actor on the set of her show, when he allegedly refused her advances. The actor, Madison Shockley III, starred on Issa's Youtube series Awkward Black Girl - which eventually became renamed Insecure and picked up by HBO. He was not picked up by HBO, when they acquired the rights to Issa's show.

According to Madison Issa had a crush on him, and was "obsessed" with him. He claims he refused her advances. Here's his post:


Madison claims that Issa physically assaulted him, when he turned her down. He also claims that she made sure HBO "fired" him from Insecure.

Issa Rae, 33, pulled up on Madison at a restaurant - ready to attack, says Madison. He explained, “I look up from my drink and plate of calamari to see her walking in and staring at me dagger eyes. I rose up out of my seat to say hello to her as she walked over,” 

He continued, “As Issa approached, I offered her my seat. She took the chair, placed the foot of it on the top of my foot then used her hands to put pressure from the top of the chair down on my foot,” Shockley alleged. “While she smiled at my face, she was driving the foot of the chair into my foot. I got the message that she was very upset that I was there.”

He continued: “I held a welt under my breath out of not wanting to be embarrassed in front of everyone. And it happened so fast I was shocked that he had just done that. I limped out of that restaurant and into a cab with my two friends. When we got in the cab I immediately started cursing and taking my shoe and sock off. I had a bruise and a scratch that broke the skin on the top of my foot.”


Issa has not responded to the allegations.