NBA baller Matt Barnes got into a heated exchange with Isaiah Washington after the actor "came out" as a supporter of President Trump.

Comedian DL Hughley posted a screenshot of the story about Isaiah.

"His career must be struggling & he wants some attention," Barnes wrote in the comments section.

It did not take long for former Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah to catch wind of Barnes' remarks and respond. He said:

"Mention my name again and we handle it. Like you said, I'm struggling n*gga," 

Adding: "You couldn't and wouldn't survive in my shoes for a week. Watch what you say about people when you have kids. Crazy things can change your way a life in a heartbeat. This isn't a game. My life and career has been under attack for years and I'm more relevant and impactful than you son. IW."

Matt replied, "Now you wanna act like you don't see my DM. Uncle Tom ass n*gga."

Check out the heated exchange below: