Is TAMERA Mowry Aging Faster Than TWIN Sister Tia . . . New Pics Suggest YES!!!

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Tia and Tamera Mowry are twin sisters - so they should look basically the same. But new pics suggest that Tamera may be aging faster than her sister Tia.

The sisters both turned 40 this summer. And fans of both of the girls started noticing that hey were aging differently a few years ago. Tia, who works as a Hollywood actress seems to be aging slower.

It's not clear why this could be happening. Some fans are suggesting that Tia have have undergone plastic surgery. But others are saying that she likely lives a more "stress free" life.

Here are recent pics of them both:

Here's Tia:


And here's Tamera:


Tamera also recently spoke out in defense of her husband, Adam Housley, who worked at Fox News for 17 years.

“There are some people who think my husband is a racist because he worked for a certain channel,” the Sister, Sister, alum, 40, said on the Tuesday, September 18, episode of The Real. “I’m a look in that camera right there and let everybody know: my husband is not a racist.” (Her statement came on the heels of a conversation where Mowry and her fellow cohosts were discussing Julie Chen, who announced she was leaving The Talk after her husband, Les Moonves, was fired from CBS following sexual misconduct allegations.)