Is Rapper Trinidad James TRANS . . . Long Hair . . . Women's Clothes . . . And BEDAZZLED NAILS!!

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There's a new question being asked - is rapper Trinidad James now a transgender?

The 30 year old Atlanta rapper has been posting a lot of STRANGE images on social media - that have people wondering what his gender he's claiming. It all started a few weeks ago, when Trinidad continued to post pics of him wearing what appears to be women's clothing.

Here are the images:

But the Atlanta artist turned up the speculation even further. Yesterday he went to the nail salon and not only had his nails silk wrapped, and painted, but he had nail art done too.

Recently also Trinidad James didn't think Kanye's rant about slavery would hurt Adidas. TMZ caught up with Trinidad and they reported the following:

When we got TJ, a huge sneakerhead, at Atlanta's Lenox Square mall, he told us no one showing up to Kanye's Oz event might actually be a good thing. As for himself, he says he'd still buy Yeezys, just not right now ... but for different reasons.