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Is Kanye COMING OUT THE CLOSET . . . Puts Out 'GAY' Tweets!!!


People are suggesting that Kanye West may be preparing to finally COME OUT THE CLOSET - as a Gay man.

For years there have been rumors surrounding Kanye West's sexuality. At one point the rumors were so prevalent that South Park created an episode about a Gay fish named Kanye.

Well now Kanye may finally be preparing to confirm the rumors. This morning Kanye tweeted multiple times using the word "pride". The word Pride is now a commonly used word to celebrate people that are LGBT.



Also, June is historically the home to multiple Gay Pride events throughout the world. Both New York and L.A. hold their "Pride Weeks" in June.

Back in 2013 In Touch Weekly ran a story titled "Kim's Worst Fear Kanye Is Gay" 

According to New York Magazine, the report went like this:

The article cites “a friend” who claims Kim “freaked out” when she read “online commenters” who “speculated” that Kanye was involved with the designer of her Met Gala glove-sleeve gown. Other than the one “friend,” every source in this article is an “online commenter,” almost all of them unnamed. In other words, In Touch just became the first magazine to give its biggest cover line to the wisdom of unknown strangers who could be joking, high, malicious, ironic, fictitious, or not even sure what “HE’S GAY” means.