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There's a rumor proliferating on social media that JT from the female hip hop group The City Girls is four months pregnant, by a prison guard.

JT is currently in federal prison, over charges that she stole a person's identity and committed check fraud. JT, who is Yung Miami's partner in the group The City Girls, is scheduled to be released this summer.

But rumors are all over Twitter that JT is currently pregnant. And they're saying that the baby belongs to a prison guard.

Here is the rumor:

According to the rumor, JT got pregnant by the guard while incarcerated. The prison asked the Florida rapper to reveal which guard was the father, and JT is reportedly refusing to snitch.

JT, according to the rumor, has been put in solitary confinement for refusing to "snitch" on the guard.

MTO News spoke with two close friends of JT - and both DENY that there's any truth to the rumors.

One of JT's Day One girls told MTO News, "She is not pregnant and is not in solitary. She's just trying to be positive and do her time so that she can come home and make music."

Here are pics of JT in prison - does she look pregnant??


The artist, born Jatavia Johnson, posted to her Instagram Story on June 30, confirming that she would be going to prison. "Did more than I thought I could imagine in this short period of time out on bond. Now it's time for me to knock this down and come back strong forever. Hold my baby down y'all," she wrote.