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Halle Berry GONE GAY???? Having 'Romantic' Lunch . . . With FEMALE Companion!!


Actress Halle Berry has tried dating Black men and White men . . . and it always seems to end BADLY for us. She has two failed marriages to Black men (athlete David Justice and singer Eric Benet) and two UGLY baby mama situations with White men. New reports suggest that she may now have resorted to dating WOMEN.

The 51-year-old actress tried to blend in with a very casual look while flaunting her makeup free complexion. 

Halle was spotted out having what is being described as a "romantic lunch" with a bald headed women. People online are speculating - because of the woman's dress and her hairstyle - that she's gay. And there's even more speculation - that she and Halle were on a date.


Halle and the mystery woman seemed to be having a good time together. So if it WAS a date . . . it looked like a good one.

And the two ladies make a really GREAT LOOKING couple. Both women have a striking beauty to them.

The Daily Mail reported that: 

Halle wore an over-sized and unbuttoned black, long sleeved button down shirt that tucked into her jeans. Underneath her blouse was a black-sheer bra that showed off sexy cleavage and her toned abs. 

The X-Men star was photographed eating alongside a friend who seemed to be in deep conversation with the mother-of-two.


IRONICALLY, Halle's sighting comes just days after she was seen celebrating LA Pride by posing in a colorful skirt, topless for a photo. Perhaps she's shouting out her new community?