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IRV GOTTI'S Teenage Girlfriend .  . Is Accused Of Being A DRUG ADDICT!!!


Rapper Irv Gotti came under fire, after it was learned that the 52 year old mogul is dating a 19 year old Instagram model named Val Mercado. Now Val is making the news again. Her former friends are claiming that she has mental health issues, and is on drugs. This is the same girl that when she was a teenager, she used to date Tyga. At the time paparazzi were calling her the "next Kylie Jenner."

It all started yesterday when PartyNextDoor's girlfriend took to social media, and called her a "crackhead." PartyNextDooer is dating a girl named Desma - who was formerly Val's best friend. Desma went on social media yesterday morning, and claimed that Val is using drugs

Here's what Val wrote, after she was accused of being hooked on drugs:


Here are more pics of Val and Irv: