Rap mogul Irv Gotti appears to have made a slip up, that we hope doesn't cost him his freedom. While on a podcast he discussed the events leading up to a 2001 murder - and he puts himself squarely in the middle of it all.

Lorenzo "Irv" Gotti appeared this week on Nore's Drink Champ podcast, and Irv was extremely intoxicated. And it's not wise to talk about sensitive issues when you're drunk - cause you may inadvertently snitch on yourself.

Here's the back story. 

In 2001, a rapper known as E-Money Bags was shot and killed. Federal prosecutors eventually convicted drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff for ordering E Money Bags' murder. 

Feds claim that Supreme ordered E Money Bags' killing, because he allegedly robbed Irv Gotti, Chris Gotti, and Ja Rule.

And according to legendary rapper Prodigy's autobiography, one of the Murder Inc own rappers - Cadillac Tah - is the one who set up the rappers. Here's a snippet from Prodigy's book:


Well Irv was asked about Cadillac Tah, and E Money Bags on Nore's podcast, and here's what he said:

That thing with Caddy ... Cause [they said] that n*gga was texting the other side where we was at.

And there was an incident, that I ain't gonna explain, that's too gangster for Drink Champs, that made us all wonder - how did they know where we was at?

So when Prodigy [wrote] that, he put the pieces of the puzzle together - [as to] why this group of n*gga knew where we was gonna be at.

And they did some sh*t, that they paid for.

Many online suspect that Irv was, in that last sentence, making reference to E Money Bags' murder.

Irv was charged by feds with being a part of Supreme's criminal enterprise. Both he and his brother Chris, were acquitted of all charges however.