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Irv Gotti sat down with DJ Vlad for a shocking interview where he revealed that he believes that Satan saved 50 Cent from the infamous shooting many years back.

Before he blew up, 50 Cent was shot nine times and survived. When DJ Vlad asked Gotti ho he thinks saved him, Irv said the following:

 People be like 'God.' The first thing is 'yo, God saved this guy.' Maybe Satan saved him. He's a great agent of chaos. I don't think God would save somebody who moves like that. Somebody who disrespects his own family. Everything you think of 50 is just negative. He's an engine of negativity, beef, chaos. Sounds like he's with Satan to me, man."

Irv also is not buying 50's tough guy persona:

 "He's a very unique individual. Here's a guy who starts beefing and pretends he's the bully. The roughest, toughest n*gga on the face of the earth. Right? And then he tells on you. It's like the biggest oxymoron, the biggest mind-f*ck, and trickery to the public. Those that don't know think this guy's ill, that he's tough." 

He continues: "And I know you'll make a meme. Go ahead, make a meme or some sh*t. But, he's fooled the world. He says [Murder Inc] is p*ssy, that I'm soft, I'm p*ssy. But he's the one that got sh*t done to him. How are we p*ssy?"

50 is yet to respond.