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'Tales' creator Irv Gotti revealed that he regrets talking "crazy" about Jennifer Lopez during an interview with Elle magazine.

Irv revealed his regret during BET's digital talk show, 'Black Coffee.'

"J.Lo. I talked crazy about her in an Elle magazine interview when she asked me to give them quotes, because she was on the cover. This was around the time of [her singles], 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny.'

He continued: "I was high. I was probably on like, three ecstasy pills, which was the daily. That was like [my] breakfast. For three years I was high. All of those great records though we made, high as a motherf*cker. Not saying to do that children, that's just me."

He then explained why he did:

"I got into an argument with Tommy Mottola about 'Ain't It Funny,' and [rapper] Cadillac Ty and him not servicing the record with Ty on it. So I'm going in on Tommy, and Tommy said some f*cked up sh*t, so I'm on 10.

"So I hang the phone up, and literally within two minutes, I'm on 10 and I'm high, which is not a good mixture. So the phone rings and it's Elle magazine, and they say, 'We want to get some quotes, with you and J.Lo,' and I said some wild sh*t. She didn't deserve that."

"When asked what exactly Irv said to trigger the demise of his and Lopez's friendship, Irv said, "They asked if 'I'm Real,' was about Diddy, and J.Lo told them it wasn't, but I was like, "Yes it is!" And I called her the B-word like an idiot. I was like, "That b*tch is lying!"

He explains that he apologized to her and sent her flowers - but things were never the same.