Irv Gotti has tried to clear up the mess that he created, but telling viewers that his alleged affair with Ashanti was not the cause of his divorce - telling folks, "she's not a homewrecker."

Irv stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, where he clarified remarks he made earlier about an affair - but he says that Ashanti "wasn't even in the picture" at the time.

"Can I talk about this, with women, and I'm gonna circle back to you, Wendy," he said. "Why is it, if a man and a woman is married and they get separated, and they're totally separated ... with me, and Deb separated, she caught me cheating."

But when asked if the woman he was caught cheating on his ex-wife was Ashanti - Irv denied it.

"No, Ashanti is not a homewrecker, guys. Ashanti had nothing to do with me, and Deb. Deb caught me when I was directing 'I Cry' in Baltimore. Deb, being the vicious person she is, she came down unannounced, 'I'm Mrs. Lorenzo, give me the room key.' The door was latched, but she knows I'm in there. That's what broke me and Deb up."

Irv insisted he only slept with Ashanti after he was divorced.