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Music producer, Irv Gotti, got into a heated exchange with a club promoter - all because the promoter paid a compliment to Irv's rival - music mogul Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson.

Irv has been publicly warring with 50 Cent for close to 20 years - ever since the Power creator burst onto the scene in the 2000s. But for the past decade or so, the war has been one-sided - with Irv warring with 50 . . and 50 basically ignoring his former foe.

This week, Irv Gotti showed just how sensitive he still is about someone mentioning 50s name around him.

Irv Gotti attended Ja Rule's concert at New York's S.O.B.s - and things exploded back stage.

MTO News learned that one of the promoters of the event said something complimentary towards 50 Cent, and Irv became so enraged that he turned violent. Luckily cooler heads prevailed, and no one was injured.

Here is the video:

50 Cent took to Instagram to publicly mock Ja Rule and Irv Gotti after the footage surfaced of them arguing with the promoter.

In the clips, which see 50 providing Mystery Science Theater 3000-esque commentary for the footage in question, he mocks Ja Rule specifically for what he characterizes as "new exclusive footage of nothing." That also feels like a jab at those reporting on the footage, which is admittedly apt.

See 50's assessment of the club-denied footage, which was apparently taken at S.O.B.'s in Manhattan, below.