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Hip hop executive Irv Gotti is spilling old tea on the new season of Growing Up Hip Hop. Last night, the legendary founder of Murder Inc Records spoke very openly about his affair with R&B singer, Ashanti.

Irv begins by talking about his plans to get the gang back on stage with his family. Though he’s excited about the idea, there’s one thing holding him back — and that’s the idea of having to spend a lot of time with Ashanti. Back in the day, the two weathered a major scandal in the wake of his divorce, and that may just come back to bite him. 

And the way that Irv and his ex-wife, Deb, talked about the affair was . . . well shocking.

First, Irv Gotti introduced the subject, while discussing the Murder Inc Reunion concert with his ex-wife and their two children. During the conversation, Irv was surprisingly candid about his affair with Ashanti. Or as Irv put it - he "f*cked Ashanti."

Not only did the Murder Inc founder suggest that he now regrets the sexual relationship with Ashanti, but also reveals that he doesn’t even speak to her anymore. According to Irv, he's "in a good place in his life" and doesn't want to be reminded of the "past."

And Deb didn't have anything to flattering to say about Ashanti either - suggesting that Ashanti was just one of Irv's "hoes."

Here's the discussion: