Interracial Couple Charged With Murder Of 7 Year Old . . . Treated HER LIKE A HUMAN DOG!!

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An interracial couple is being charged with murder - and the couple are each blaming the other for their daughters death. The couple faces the DEATH penalty if convicted of the heinous crime.

Lisa Cunningham, 43, is Australian mother-of-four charged with the murder of her seven-year-old stepdaughter in Arizona.

Lisa and her husband Germayne Cunningham, 39, allegedly abused and neglected Sanaa Cunningham, who died from pneumonia and complications from sepsis in February 2017.

The details of the alleged abuse are stomach turning. The couple is accused of zip-tying the child to a water tank in a garage and neglecting to treat a septic wound to her foot.

That's not all - the 7 year old was treated like an animal according to cops. Sanaa was allegedly made to pick up dog faeces with her bare hands and forced to wear a straight-jacket-like long-sleeved shirt, the prosecution allege.

On Monday, a Maricopa County judge ruled Lisa and Germayne Cunningham would face the death penalty if convicted.

Prosecutors allege Sanaa was unable to expel liquid from her lungs as a result of being restrained, exacerbating her pneumonia and leaving her unresponsive.