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Jess Hilarious, the popular Instagram star and comedian, recently got her butt augmented. The social media star underwent a Brazilian Butt lift, where the surgeon liposuctioned fat from her stomach, and injected it into her butt. 

Jess was hoping to keep the details of her surgery quiet, but her sister took to Instagram this weekend, and spilled the tea.

It all started when Jess fired her sister, claiming that her sibling "put her in harms way" and "violated company guidelines." Unfortunately Jess did not give specifics on what the sister did that was such a "violation."

Jess' sister was so upset over losing her job, that she decided to spill her sister's tea. The sister disclosed that Jess recently got her butt done.

Upon hearing her sister's leak, Jess confirmed thats she got her butt done. 

But according to Jess, since the doctors used "her fat" for a stomach to butt fat transfer, she still considers her new butt to be "real."

Here's the back and forth:


Here's Jess' new butt: