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Instagram Star Sukihana 'SHOT' In Butt; Releases Twerk Video From Inside ICU!!

Megan The Stallion isn't the only popular female rapper who got "shot."

The popular Instagram star/rapper Sukihana was allegedly "shot" in the buttocks yesterday. And MTO News has learned that shortly afterwards, she leaked a twerk video from inside the ICU of the hospital.

LINK - The video is pretty disturbing - WARNING


Sukihana is an Instagram star who gained a massive following after releasing a Kodak Black remix called "Kodak Snack." She's known for doing outrageous things online. 

Sukihana started making Youtube videos in 2016. Her first one was called "I never eat yo wings hoe." To date, Sukihana has 1,100,000 followers on Instagram.

Well yesterday Sukihana went on IG Live - and told fans that she was "shot" in the butt. She didn't give specific details surrounding her shooting, because according to Sukihana, she didn't want to "snitch" on anyone from her hood.

But MTO News confirmed that she did post a video of herself arriving at the hospital ICU unit.

Sukihana then posted a video of herself laying in a hospital bed recovering. A short time later, the social media star, hopped onto the ICU bed and started twerking for her fans. She had a clearly visible bandage covering up her alleged bullet wound.

LINK - The video is pretty disturbing - WARNING