Instagram star Fatboy SSE is being accused of beating his girlfriend, and she's threatening to "destroy his career."

Fatboy SSE is a rapper, comedian, and social-media celebrity. He built up his fame, and millions of followers, by releasing comedic videos and songs and quickly rose into prominence. The “Dancing Diamonds” singer began his career with YouTube, where he often posted short clips of his antics. The channel soon caught up with the masses who love him for his wild comedy and pranks.

Born on November 16, 1993, SSE’s real name is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough and he was born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey.

Fatboy and his girlfriend Jas broke up on Friday, and it's been very messy. Both are in they feelings, and spilling all kinds of tea.

Here's a video of the two from last year - looking happy:

Fatboy reportedly broke up with Jas, and went on social media claiming  that she never "supported" him. 

Fatboy claims that he cut off Jas after he caught her with another man. The social media star told fans that he stopped paying Jas bills - and ghosted her.

Here's his post:


But Jas claims that she NEVER cheated on Fatboy - and that he was abusive. Jas told fans that Fatboy "hit" her. Here's her story: