DJ Akademiks is making a lot of money as a social media star - and he's spending it on his mama!

He just bought his mom a house - and a brand new Mercedes Benz.

The star of the Youtube show Everyday Struggle revealed to his fans that his mom was not expecting the gifts. Ak wrote, "Got her the house last year and surprised her with this today."

Akademiks mom is a Jamaican immigrant, who worked as a laborer, to make sure that her children were taken care of.

The Instagram star continued, "My mama came up to the USA a single mom... worked 3 jobs brought us up here . I use to think she was rich while in Jamaica when she would send her very last back to take care of us."

Now Ak's mom has a much more comfortable life. She lives in a home that she owns, and doesn't have to worry about a car note.

Here's his post: