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Instagram Star BOSKOE Has His HOUSE SHOT UP . . . While He Was On LIVE!!

Boskoe100 is one of the most popular and controversial Instagram stars in hip hop, he also has a YouTube channel where he has 24K subscribers. He talks openly about hip hop beefs, and he openly claims to be a leading member of the Blood gangs.

His fans love him for being controversial, and for being HOOD. Boskoe also lives in a gang infested neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Well yesterday it popped off - on LIVE. He was commenting on hip hop news to his fans - when all of a sudden GUNS STARTED POPPIN'.

Here's the video:

This isn't the first time that Boskoe100 a known member of the BLOOD GANG has gotten into a confrontation over his controversial statements. Back in 2017 according to VLAD TV:

Baton Rouge rapper Maine Musik recently came into the crosshairs of Inglewood rapper Boskoe 100 aka Boskoe1, a reputed member of that city's Queen Street Bloods who has been using his Instagram account to ridicule what he sees as the feminization of hip hop. The "For a Few Hunnid More" spitter's Instagram page is filled with videos and photos making fun of guys dressed in ways which he perceives as soft.

Boskoe, who some may recall was involved in a beef with reputed Colton City Crips affiliate 40 Glocc a few years back and also appeared on an episode of A&E's LA Gang Wars: The Peacemaker, posted a video to his IG on Sunday of Maine Musik showing off his signature spider chain and purple-faced Rolex. In the video Musik, dressed in a black turtleneck and skinny jeans, flexes for the camera along with an associate also rocking a spider chain and Rolly.

"If any real reputable LA, Inglewood, Compton, Watts, Long Beach, Carson, Pasadena, Gardena, Hawthorne, Lennox, Culver City, 818, 626, San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento, I.E., Bakersfield n***a tell me these n***as ain't workin for Winchell's [donut shop] I'm moving to Detroit Michigan to pursue a life of winter snow plowing," Boskoe captioned the video. He followed the comment with several disparaging hashtags aimed at Musik including #B***hYouRegular and #HeHadOnAF**inTurtleneck.