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Social Media Star BOONK Posts INTIMATE VIDEO . . .With 15 Year Old CASH ME OUTSIDE Girl!!


Boonk Gang, real name John Robert Hill, is an American​ Social media​ Stuntman and Rapper​ known for filming himself sabotaging the rules inside of establishments. He's 22 years old and has a very controversial reputation.

Recently he's started posting more and more extreme videos - including video with him shooting guns, and having s*x with women.

But yesterday, Boonk posted possibly the most EXTREME video since. He posted a pic of him kissing and making out with a 15 year old girl - Danielle "Cash Me Outside " Bregnoli.

For legal reasons, we will not post the video on our site. But you can view the tape (which is PG rated) by clicking the below link.

Here is the video

Back in July according to reports, Boonk Gang posted an imagine of himself in a hospital bed hours after Tweeting: "The hardest gangstas still feel pain." Hopefully that message still resonates for Boonk, as he recovers from gun wounds he suffered within the last 10 or so hours.

 The rapper-comedian-troll made the announcement via Twitter since his Instagram account was impounded totalling a loss of 5 million followers. But in moments like these, such frivolities are of little concern.

After the incident people later suspected that he shot HIMSELF twice. 

He later tweeted about the alleged incident, with a photograph of himself on crutches.