Instagram Star BOONK Gang Shot Himself On LIVE . . . Too 'HIGH' To Feel Pain!!!

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Instagram "celebrity" Boonk Gang may end up DEAD at any moment. MTO News learned that Boonk SHOT himself in the leg, while recording a video FOR LIVE. The Instagram star took to social media yesterday - and told the world that he was "shot."

Boonk suggested that the bullet wounds were inflicted by an enemy. He told fans that he's got "street problems."

But MTO News spoke with a person who saw Boonk arrive at the hospital, and they tell us that Boonk's gunshot wound was "self inflicted." We're told police arrived and quickly LEFT - without issuing any charges against the social media star.

Boonk Gang posted an imagine of himself in a hospital bed hours after Tweeting: "The hardest gangstas still feel pain." Hopefully that message still resonates for Boonk, as he recovers from gun wounds he suffered within the last 10 or so hours. The rapper-comedian-troll made the announcement via Twitter since his Instagram account was impounded totalling a loss of 5 million followers. But in moments like these, such frivolities are of little concern.

Here's Boonk showing the gunshot on LIVE:

Here he is on video crying and saying that no one is helping him out:

Here's a commentator pointing out that Boonk shot himself:

Boonk shot up to fame on Instagram by documenting his "live-trolls," scenes where he'd steal a loaf of rye from an old woman and skate off into the distance. This week his resolve was to put to the test well before he ended up in the ICU. He nearly puked during an interview with Adam22, and had a public meltdown on Snapchat over the passing of XXXTentation. If reports are to be believed, Boonk has been completely inebriated for three weeks in a row.