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Instagram Model's Butt Implant 'Explodes' During Massage! (Disturbing Video)


A popular Instagram model's butt "exploded" while she was getting a deep tissue massage, MTO News has learned.


A viral video shows the downside of getting butt augmentation surgery. The video shows a popular Instagram model getting a deep tissue massage. But in the middle of the massage, the IG model's butt ruptures and spews a red liquid substance all over the massage therapists's office.

HERE IS THE VIDEO - warning VERY graphic.

Luckily for the IG model, the massage therapist didn't freak out. Augmented butts often leak, and sometimes explode - like it did in the video.

The licensed massage therapist just continued to massage the woman. And she even drained the fluid out of the exploded buttocks. The therapist even did a little dance, as she drained the infected booty.

Butt augmentation surgery is now the most popular plastic surgical procedure among Black women in the United States. Most women are not aware of the serious potential side effects of undergoing such an operation.

HERE IS THE VIDEO - warning VERY graphic.