Instagram Model Tori Brixx Arrested For Beating Up Soccer Mom At Target! (Graphic Pics)


Instagram model Tori Brixx, the baby's mother to rapper Rich The Kidd, was arrested yesterday in Los Angeles, MTO New has confirmed. According to reports, the beautiful Insta-model punched a middle-aged Caucasian woman in the eye at Target.

Tori and the woman got into an argument while shopping and Tori claims the woman attempted to skip her in line.

After a short time arguing, the beautiful Insta-model allegedly turned violent.

The middle-aged woman's daughter claims that Tori got in the lady's face and "two pieced" her mother right in the eye. The injured woman called the Target manager, who eventually contacted the police.

Tori was later arrested and taken to the police station where she was booked for simple assault.

MTO News reached out to the Los Angeles police for comment, but they did not respond before this article was published.

Here are pictures of the woman and her injuries.