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The Hottest New Instagram Model . . . Is A Size 18 . . . Taking THICKNESS To A Whole NEW LEVEL!!


An Atlanta Instagram model is blowing up online- and many are suggesting that her rise to stardom marks a CHANGE in the standard of beauty among Instagram models.

Briana Amor is beautiful, fit . . . and a size 18. Typically women size 18 are on the OUTER BOUNDARIES of what is considered THICK. But Briana is changing the game.

She has thick thighs, a big booty and her stomach is extremely flat. People usually judge thickness by the flatness of the stomach. By most people's standards, it's ok to be big as long as you don't have a gut.

She was featured by WorldStar a few years back and has been receiving big love ever since. The Afro-Latina stunner is on her way to racking up half a million followers on Instagram. Her comments section is filled with thirsty men trying to holla at her.

But she appears to have somebody on her life. In January she posted a picture of a bunch of red roses captioned:

"Can’t tell you the last time someone surprised me with roses I love them ❤️"

Was her secret bae the one who flew her out to Dubai?

Here's what she looks like: