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An Instagram model named Baby Doll from Atlanta is going viral. People are sharing pics of her because she photoshopped her entire waist away in her Instagram pics.

Photoshopping Instagram pics is not new. But models are now going to extreme levels with it.

Baby Doll, who was featured in Travis & Drake's Sicko video, made her waist unnaturally small in her most recent modeling pics.

Initially Baby Doll's fans - many of whom are young girls - loved her waist. The comments were overwhelmingly positive. But then the pics went viral, and things changed.

As more people saw the images, they called out Baby Doll for promoting an unnatural body type to young girls.

Here are her photoshopped pics:

And this is what her body looks like in real life. She's definitely petite - but her waist is not as tiny as in her other pics.

Instagram isn't going anywhere any time soon — the site has 800 million active monthly users, and one survey found almost 60 percent of people ages 18-29 who use the internet in general use Instagram. Another showed 63 percent of teenagers ages 13-17 use the network on a daily basis — which makes the messaging the platform delivers to users all the more important.

With the rise of digitally manipulated Instagram influencers co-signed by major brands, the beauty standard shifted from a face/body combo that almost nobody can achieve (especially without surgery) to a face/body combo that simply does not exist in the physical realm.