Instagram model Brittany Renner has released a tell-all book, about 7 celebrity men that she's slept with.

Brittany is a social media star who is known for telling INTIMATE DETAILS about her life. In the past, Brittany told fans that she had s*x with at least two dozen athletes and rappers. Now she's telling her story - in a new book.

Brittany recently revealed that in her 26 years of living, she's slept with 11 athletes, 5 entertainers, and just 8 regular dudes. She also told her fans that most of the athletes didn’t wear condoms.

The book, entitled Judge This Cover - Brittany talks about her relationships with seven famous men. While it's not clear which celebrity she's talking about (she cloaked the names), many online believe they know who she's talking about.

Seth: Finding Oz (Casey Therriault)

Evan: Flag on the play (Colin Kaepernick)
Leon: Soul tie with a songbird (Trey Songz)
Frank: One and Done (Drake)
Ivan: Use your head (Tyga)
Solomon: Malpractice (Chris Brown)
Hector: Dancing with the Devil (Lil Uzi Vert)

Here is the cover of the book - warning it contains GRAPHIC nudity

Here is the GRAPHIC book cover

Here is the GRAPHIC back cover